About Me

Official website: www.firebirdphoto.com
Facebook: facebook.com/firebirdphotohawaii
Instagram: @supercheyne

About the project:
Universe of One is an ambitious portrait project by artist and photographer Cheyne Gallarde. It’s an ever-expanding catalog of characters all played by one man. Using only makeup, wardrobe and lighting tricks, Cheyne transforms himself into a rainbow of people, each with their own personalities and presence.

Universe of One was inspired by the work of Cindy Sherman. It is an attempt to connect humanity in an artistic and conceptual way, by examining how we are different, yet so similar in many ways. 

About Cheyne:
Cheyne Gallarde is an award-winning photographer whose vintage fashion is immediately recognizable. His work is a potent fusion of fashion and time travel and has appeared in local and international publications. You can view more of his work at www.firebirdphoto.com